Saturday, July 17, 2010


This fruit juice dun taste like fruit juice n cost @ 1.95 pound.

This is all i have eat . got fruit summore ... i din take pic....
stomach pain ar.....duno is eat tiok hami thing wrong in between tis meal....
spend almost 2 hours in the restaurant .
only walk around for a while only. din walk much .... mayb tis coming saturday will be walk again in livepool by myself b4 go the cheshira oak designer outlet.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


First time cook fried rice. ^ ^

Eat this as my lunch meal...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

EAT KEBAB @2.50 for a big bowl......very full... eat 2 times d ... below is the pic of the kebab shop
It is also call as CHICKEN MEAL


NEXT time i will take photo in the shop . cause the kambing de machine very big wan. look like a big sausage shape. n kebab too.
this photo is take on 9july2010 friday after my class end...12noon.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bought tis t shirt @ 6.99 pound - meadeahall.

Gap shirt @9.99 pound

Jacket adidas mexico @ 24.99pound

This is my first time cooking rice....

Eat rice with egg hot dog

Nana rice at meadeahall food court @ 5.99 pound

THe below food is my fren cook for me eat wan .

TOTAL spend for the meal is 4pound for 2 person .

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday lunch meal :
Fish n Chip

It is too big for me i just eat the fish ..... the chip left very much n will be eat at nite.
this whole plate cost 3Pound...

salad @ 1.94pound
salad tat i bought frm market.... today class finish on 12noon. then i walk go market wit kok.
n i bought tis.... will be eat for tml . cause today too many thing eat d .... fatt cook spagetti at nite..... so tml evening after class just eat it ...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

(bought this fish n chip frm a super market . 6 slide @2.49pound. i share wit kok ) each person 3 slide)
SUNDAY ..... is a boring day... morning bring my blanket n all the bed sheet go laundry wash. waste 3 pound on the washing..... 1.50 wash , 1.50 dry .
After tat , keep my room a while then go cook my lunch d .... drank a milo for sunday morning break fast.
Evening around 2pm, went to casino nearby my hostel. walking distance is about 20min. far than Uni litter bid. first time went there... at there need to register. when register , the receiptnies like c us n laugh us like tat .... swt.... dun care her... casino inside nth wan . very small n no ppl. table player only 2 ...@@ . some is playing machine de jackport.... Jia rong at there also. he come find me .... thanks to him .
At casino play a while then move on to NETTO bought something... bought ice cream . haagen daz wan. cause Sainsburry dun hav promotion on it d .... so went to Netto buy it . back home n chat wit my bao bei a while. after tat cook steak . the steak bought yesterday . i marinate it myself....@@ . it taste good also .... nice......

(this is the beef steak @3.24pound )
we eat wit rice

Whole sat morning till evening around 1or2pm we r running frm market to supermarket buying eating stuff. after back frm home. chat wit my parents a while n then chat wit my bao bei on skype.... whole day at home.@@

THis is our first time fried mee eat.... tis mee is over nite... cause friday nite we make birthday party wit fatt n left over de mee.... keep in friger and cook it on saturday nite....

Saturday, June 26, 2010

This is my meal(dinner) for saturaday .
Din went to cambridge today ...cause tired . at home rest.

Spagetti tat i cook tonite ( with chese on the top n bacon )